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How to Request Unrestricted Funding

POLICY: 11.1
Effective Date: 01/01/2004
Last Updated: 02/12/2019

Described within this section is the process for requesting new funding or one-time funding from UGA Foundation unrestricted funds. It is important that the procedures are followed to insure the top priorities of the University of Georgia are funded from limited unrestricted resources of the UGA Foundation.

This section is not intended to address the unrestricted budget process for continuation of funding from year to year.

This section is intended to address the process for any requests to use donor gifts made to the Foundation that are not restricted by the donor, and to address any special allocations from general unrestricted Foundation funding not identified in the budget process.

All requests for funding must be approved prior to submission to the Executive Director of the UGA Foundation.  The following procedures apply:

I. A request should receive approvals at both of the following levels in the requestor's department or unit as applicable:

  A. Director, Dean of School/College, or Vice President.

  B. Provost.

II. At each level, the request for funding should be reviewed to determine if it is a top priority to be funded and if there is available funding within that department/unit to support the project or program. Requests without the appropriate approvals will be sent back.

III. If it is determined that UGA Foundation funds are best suited to fund the request, the request will be forwarded to the President for consideration. If another source of funding is identified the requestor will be notified of that method.

IV. The President of UGA will determine the funding priority of the requests for the University as a whole. The President then will submit the proposed requests in order of priority to the Executive Director of the UGA Foundation who will submit the requests for consideration by the UGA Foundation Finance Committee.

V. Approved requests for funding by the UGA Foundation Finance Committee shall be presented to the Board of Trustees for approval.

VI. Requestors will be notified of the approval (or non-approval) by the Executive Director of the UGA Foundation. Approved requests will be processed by the UGA Foundation.