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On-Line Store and Event Procedures

POLICY: 12.2
Effective Date: 01/01/2008
Last Updated: 10/23/2013
Policy Owner: Stewart, Chip

The following procedures are applicable to University of Georgia schools/colleges/units (units) regarding the purchase and sale of logo specific merchandise for Alumni/individual or event use.

The procedures identified herein apply to University of Georgia units that desire to market and distribute merchandise with a unit specific logo for individual and event use. In order to do so, certain requirements and procedures must be followed.

Follett has been selected by the University of Georgia to work with the units to provide a consignment outlet and inventory control for the units to purchase and resell logo specific merchandise. Follett will be responsible, on a consignment basis, for the merchandising, inventory, and sale of merchandise, including online sales. Any profits will be returned through the UGA Foundation for the benefit of the unit in the form of a royalty payment. All inventories of merchandise will be the responsibility of Follett.


NOTE: No merchandise with the University of Georgia Athletic Association or the institution will be allowed for resale by a University of Georgia unit.