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How to Setup a New Restricted Account

POLICY: 8.11.1
Effective Date: 01/01/2004
Last Updated: 12/02/2009

A check request must be submitted to setup a new restricted account to be funded through UGA C&G and the Budget Request Form. If there is not a restricted account established in the UGA C&G system, then a Request for Account Addition/Change Form (UGA form found on the Business Services webpage) is also required. All forms and check requests must be completed in full and contain the proper signature approvals before the Foundation can process the request.

Responsible Office









Complete Foundation check request with appropriate approvals as standard disbursement request




Complete Restricted Account (C&G) Budget Form - specifically the "Change Amount" column; located on Foundation homepage under Administrative Forms




Complete Request for Account Addition/Change Form; located on UGA Business Services webpage




Foundation Office will send to UGA C&G office for setup if all documentation is submitted and completed properly




UGA C&G will process request and setup a new restricted account and notify the dept