Foundation Fellows


  The Foundation Fellowship is the premier scholarship at the University of Georgia, and one of the top scholarship opportunities in the nation, attracting top students from across the United States.

  Foundation Fellows receive scholarship stipends that approximate the cost of attendance and also receive full funding for post-freshman year summer student programs, international travel-study, spring break travel-study programs, research and academic conference attendance.

  Many Foundation Fellows go on to earn prestigious graduate-level scholarships as well. In a six year period alone, four Foundation Fellows were named Rhodes Scholars, the most recent being Elizabeth Allan in the 2012-2013 academic year. The current group of undergraduate Foundation Fellows and Ramsey Scholars also includes four Goldwater Scholars, two Udall Scholars, and one Truman Scholar. 

  Exceptional students selected as candidates for a Foundation Fellowship may be awarded the prestigious Bernard Ramsey Honors Scholarship.

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As further testament to the academic excellence embodied by Foundation Fellows, almost all of the fellows who complete their undergraduate degree studies at UGA pursue graduate education.  Over the years, Foundation Fellows have been accorded some of the world’s most prestigious scholarship honors to continue their studies in the U.S. and abroad.

Recent members of the Foundation Fellows and Ramsey Scholars program have earned Rhodes, Truman, Goldwater, and Udall scholarships. UGA has become a national leader among all public universities in the numbers of nationally competitive major scholarships earned by our students, and many Foundation Fellows and Ramsey Scholars have been among the list of winners. Since 1995, UGA has produced eight Rhodes Scholars of which seven were Foundation Fellows.  In addition, we have produced five Gates Cambridge Scholars, five Marshall Scholars, three Mitchell Scholars, 46 Goldwater Scholars, 11 Truman Scholars, and 12 Udall Scholars.

Many fellows continue their studies at world-renowned institutions such as Johns Hopkins, Yale, Harvard, Stanford and Oxford to name but a few. 

Other graduating fellows have chosen to enter the workforce and have accepted positions with McKinsey & Company, J.P. Morgan, Barclays Capital, Boston Consulting Group, and the Woodruff & Whitehead Foundations. Others have accepted Fulbright Scholarships to research or teach abroad in New Zealand, South Korea, France, China, Russia, and other international destinations. Still others have pursued service leadership opportunities, such as Teach for America in the U.S. and Princeton in Asia Fellowships in Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines. 

Words of our Scholarship Recipeints

“Being a Ramsey Scholar is much more than just a title; it means entrance into a community of diverse students who support and challenge each other. Whether we are painting replicas of "The Scream", arguing about quantum physics, hauling mulch in a national park, or simply relaxing in good company, the Ramseys are the family I never expected to find at UGA.”
Erin Hollander 
Athens, GA
Ramsey Honors Scholar, Class of 2017
Biochemistry, Genetics
“The Foundation Fellowship played a huge role in shaping my college experience, my perspective on life, and whatever lies in the future. I had the opportunity to learn about and discuss so many challenging ideas, to travel to incredible countries all over the world, and most importantly, to form relationships with some of the brightest, most compassionate and wonderful people who have become some of my closest friends.”
Jaime Ayers– Foundation Fellow, Class of 2012
Social Work, Child & Family Development
Tampa, Florida 
"As a Mid-Term Foundation Fellow, I saw this incredible scholarship live up to its name. The Foundation Fellowship provided me with the financial, mental, and academic foundation to embark on an unforgettable study abroad program in Argentina and during this trip, made it possible for me to have an impromptu fellowship in Buenos Aires with another fellow visiting from Uruguay."
JoyEllen Freeman– Foundation Fellow, Class of 2013
English, English Education
Milton, Georgia
"From participating in book discussions with the provost to debating the financial crisis on Wall Street, from defending my thesis to an Oxford don to teaching at an elementary school in Ghana, the opportunities provided by the Fellowship are boundless. However, the greatest blessing which the Fellowship offered me was the family which I’ve found within it – a class of scholars, united through shared experience, enduring friendship, and world-changing aspirations, who will remain an integral part of my life for the rest of my life."
Jacqueline Van De Velde – Foundation Fellow, Class of 2014
English, International Affairs 
Brunswick, GA
“I will always look back on my college experience and ask myself "Did I really do all that?" I know this because I keep asking myself, "Am I really doing all this?"
Shaun Kleber
Atlanta, GA
Foundation Fellow, Class of 2016
International Affairs, Political Science, Economics
"The Foundation Fellowship provided with me with the means and the knowledge to shape my dreams and to pursue opportunities to realize those dreams. The passion within this program to pursue your own unique excellence has motivated me to go after my wildest aspirations, something I would have been afraid to do before joining this fellowship of amazing students, faculty and staff. Traveling the world, meeting incredible people, and expanding my cultural and educational horizons were the highlights of my experience."
Jasmaine Williams - Foundation Fellow, Class of 2010
Biology, Spanish
Stockbridge, Georgia
"The Foundation Fellowship is, without a doubt, one of the best undergraduate scholarship programs in existence. The travel opportunities I had as a Fellow allowed me to experience cultures and gain a perspective on the world that would not have been possible in any other way. Those experiences, combined with a rigorous academic environment supported by the university's best professors and a group of incredibly talented fellow students, have provided me with the skills I need to succeed in my business career and prepared me to interact in a dynamic global economy."
Brooks B. Andrews - Foundation Fellow, Class of 2007
University of Georgia degrees earned: BBA in Finance, MA in Economics
Marietta, Georgia
"I received many great benefits as a Ramsey Scholar including the travel-study grants which I used to study healthcare systems in England and India. Through this program, I was also able to meet many outstanding students with whom I formed strong and lasting relationships. The Honors faculty and staff were very supporting and encouraging. I would never have had the opportunity to study health policy in New York City without their help. My experiences in the program have helped solidify my life's ambitions while creating a support network along the way."
Nisha Gupta - Ramsey Honors Scholar, Class of 2009
Cellular Biology
Valdosta, Georgia

Ramsey Honors Scholars

  Like the Foundation Fellowship, the Ramsey Honors Scholarship is recognized as one of the most prestigious scholarships at the University of Georgia and ensures that exceptional students are able take full advantage of the outstanding educational opportunities provided by the University of Georgia.

  Ramsey Honors Scholars receive a substantial scholarship award which covers much of the cost of attending UGA for four years and also receive an international travel-study award.

  Ramsey Honors Scholarships were established in 2000 in honor of the late Bernard B. Ramsey, UGA class of 1937, to support student leadership development, study abroad opportunities, honors-level academic achievement and scholarship.