Bryan and Samantha Kirby

“As the parents of these two inspiring boys we often wonder if God gave us these two little presents early because he knew they would be taken away from us early as well. One day we will know. But for now we are left with our wonderful memories and several memorials for them. As we attempt to forever continue to honor the impact they made on our lives in just two years, three months and thirteen days we are excited to help you in your attempt to become a physician by studying at the University of Georgia and the Medical College of Georgia.”

—Dr. Bryan (BS ’99) and Samantha (BSEd ’99) Kirby of Carrollton in a letter they wrote as a preamble to a scholarship agreement with the MCG-UGA Medical Partnership.

The Kirby’s scholarship is in honor of their twin sons, who died at age 2. Dr. Kirby attended UGA as an undergraduate and MCG for his medical degree. The scholarship fund was begun by friends of the Kirbys from Texas, where Dr. Kirby did his residency. Friends and family have contributed $25,000 to endow the scholarship as part of the White Coat Scholarship Initiative, designed to increase access to public medical education in Georgia.