Camp Red Clay

By Hilary Hughes | College of Education

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Creative Writing Camp

This June, rising students in grades 3-12 will have an exciting opportunity to improve their literacy skills right in their backyard: Clarke Central High School. At this annual event, students work with Red Clay and National Writing Project teachers for four days before enjoying a Writer’s Cafe celebration of their work.

Last year, the camp provided this enriching experience to around 20-25 children. This year, the camp aims to increase that number to 40-75, but we need your help to accomplish this goal!  Due to the cost of the camp, many children are unable to participate. However, with the help of scholarships, more students can hone their writing skills with the help of local educators. A donation of $120 will cover the cost of one child’s Camp Red Clay experience, but any amount can help make a difference.

All donations will be applied to students’ enrollment costs, materials, and snacks. With your support, more children can express their love of writing and realize its power as a life skill.

Why This Creative Writing Camp Matters

For more than 10 years, Camp Red Clay has been helping children and teenagers with a passion for writing hone their skills during a four-day camp offered through the Camp Red Clay Writing Project in the UGA College of Education.

Taught by local educators who have completed the intensive Red Clay Writing Project Summer Institute, the camp is eager to provide even more young students with the opportunity to work on a variety of writing projects designed to improve their literacy skills.

For more information about Camp Red Clay or to register, visit

Funding will go towards:

  • Fee per student: $120 x 30 additional students = $3600
  • Additional materials (writers notebooks, art supplies, printing fee for anthology) and snacks = $400


Meredith Metcalf | Associate Director of Development, College of Education | 706-542-2267

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