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By Leandra Nessel

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The Red and Black is an integral part of daily life at the University of Georgia. Covering “matters of interest” at the University, as well as the world beyond the Arch, the electronic version of the Red and Black offers remarkable access to history in the form of news reporting. Equally informative is the advertising, documenting trends, fashions and daily life.

The University of Georgia Libraries needs funding to digitize The Red and Black from 2007-2013. Providing access to information is the UGA Libraries’ number one goal and it is our mission to make this archive available free to the widest possible audience.

Support digitizing The Red and Black by making a gift today!

Why This Project Matters

To date, the Digital Library of Georgia (DLG) has digitized The Red and Black from 1893 through 2006. The Red and Black digital archive is part of the The Georgia Historic Newspapers Archive and is part of Georgia’s Virtual Library GALILEO, based at the University of Georgia Libraries. Since 2007, the DLG has collaborated with universities, archives, public libraries, historical societies, museums, and other cultural heritage institutions to digitize historical newspapers from around the state.

The digitized issues of The Red and Black are fully key word searchable, so you can search for your own name!

With your gift, we can support the history of The Red and Black.

About the Red and Black

The Red and Black debuted in 1893 as a newspaper devoted to the interests of the University of Georgia’s student body. Two years later, the publication discontinued after conflict between university faculty and the Red and Black. In September of 1895, the publication resumed as a private venture, which proved successful enough to convince faculty to reclaim the paper in 1896. The University of Georgia Athletic Association assumed control of the Red and Black, which operated there in connection with the School of Journalism. In 1980, the UGA Board of Regents voted to approve the paper’s independence from the university. The Red and Black remains an independent publication and is the most widely circulated college newspaper in Georgia.

This is YOUR history! Help us preserve it for posterity. Make a gift today!


Contact Leandra Nessel | lnessel@uga.edu | 706.542.3879

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    $25.00 03/23/18 @ 9:46 am
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    $250.00 05/20/18 @ 9:23 am
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    $25.00 06/12/18 @ 8:04 am
  14. Steve & Patrice Stewart
    $100.00 07/17/18 @ 6:19 pm
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    $100.00 07/18/18 @ 11:53 am

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