February 2019 Division Meeting Recap

by Andrea Parris

Thank you to everyone who made it to the DAR Division meeting on February 11th! Below is a recap of what was covered along with some helpful links.

  • Kelly Kerner introduced the first-ever SIC’Em award winners.
  • DARCOMM presented the new DAR Website.
  • The Career Center’s Scott Williams and Jeremy Daniel provided an overview of the new UGA Mentor Program.
  • Bulldog 100 was highlighted as a successful recent DAR collaboration.
  • Reminders were given for important upcoming events:
  • Jay Stroman closed the meeting with several announcements including one from HR regarding OneSource.

Two optional town hall meetings were held after the division meeting concluded.

  • 10–10:45 AM – Annual Giving
  • 11 –11:45  AM – Research & Prospect Management

Presentations and audio recordings of the meeting are available.