by Dan Williams

New Donor-funded Freezers Expand Campus Kitchen Capacity by 30%

The Office of Service-Learning raised money to provide the Campus Kitchen with resources it needed to continue without student volunteers.
Graffiti style treatment of titlecreated by Amanda Qubty
by Amanda Qubty

The Fresh Rinse of Alumni Awards AKA Celebrating honorees during a pandemic

Now this is a story all about how The Alumni Awards Luncheon got flipped-turned upside down And I’d like to take a minute Just sit right there I’ll tell you how it became an opportunity to innovate and celebrate these honorees…
UGA Chapel in Spring
by Clint Travis

How the CARES Act may impact your donors.

The CARES Act may spur questions from donors. As always, your colleagues within the Office of Gift & Estate Planning are here to help you. This is the information that we are sending to a select group of donors. The federal government has…
Donor Experience & Legacy Giving Survey Cover
by Melissa Lee

An Unlikely Pairing of Planned Giving and Stewardship

The Donor Experience and Legacy Giving Survey was initiated in 2019 as a seemingly unlikely collaboration across offices within Development and Alumni Relations. Gift and Estate Planning suggested that UGA utilize a survey as a fundraising…
by Melissa Lee

Building Trust Through Transparency

The field of donor relations and stewardship is relatively new. The practice has been occurring alongside fundraising in its entirety, but organizations didn’t see its success until they entered their second—or even third—round of campaigns. Often,…
UGA Donor Relations & Stewardship Staff
by Melissa Lee

Team Stewardship: An Udder Success

The first meeting of Team Stewardship in April 2016 was one, big experiment.  A group of about 30 development professionals met in the Tate Center to discuss what stewardship was occurring campus-wide, review the basics of acknowledgements,…
The production team for this video
by Melissa Lee

From Our Table to Yours: Thanksgiving Video 2019

Ah, the fall. Leaves change, the temperature drops, and flannel trickles into your wardrobe. Many profess their love for this season, but stewardship professionals may love it a little bit more than the rest. Thanksgiving is one of the best…
by Teale Moran

New Kid on the Block: The DAR Hiring Experience

My advice for stepping out of your comfort zone, DO IT! I look forward to many more years serving our donors and working with my amazing DAR family!
by Abby Bryant

Paws for a Cause

Paws for a Cause is a new initiative started by Team Stewardship that centers on spreading acts of kindness and service throughout our community. 
Thank a Donor Day
by Melissa Lee

Introducing the Philanthropy at Work Society

Faculty, Staff, and Retiree Donor Appreciation Reception. Since 2014, Donor Relations used these seven words to describe one very creative reception held each fall. As you might have noticed, the name is a mouthful of very descriptive, yet uninspiring…