Giving Week trailer
by Evan Tighe

Giving Week

On the eve of G-Day 2019, Head Football Coach Kirby Smart called on the Bulldog Nation to show our UGA pride and support our great university. And so the inaugural UGA Giving Week began. Counting all donations from April 19-27, Giving Week was…
by Melissa Lee

DAR Brings Home Silver in Stewardship

The CASE Circle of Excellence Awards recognize hundreds of institutions annually for innovative, inspiring, and creative ideas in the advancement of education.This year over 600 organizations submitted 2,800 entries for this year’s awards,…
Giving Week illustration
by Katy Clements

40(+) Hours in the War Room

If you wandered by the small conference room (henceforth dubbed “the war room”) the week of April 20, you probably saw me and Ally Hellenga huddled around our computers, frantically refreshing a Georgia Funder page on the TV screen ... {insert…
Edwin Hammond vlog
by Edwin Hammond

DARCOMM Video Tips

In the days of yore, you needed an actual video camera to make videos. In today’s modern world, though, if you have a smartphone, you’ve got a movie-making machine right in the palm of your hand. With such easy access to a…
Orientation Leaders
by Elizabeth Elmore

DAR Orientation Outreach

Each summer, thousands of students and their parents descend on Athens to participate in UGA’s New Student Orientation. And when we say “summer,” we mean all summer: Click to enlarge The students have applied to UGA, accepted admission,…
UGA Alumni Chapters
by Sarah Sonenberg

Alumni Chapters: Getting Every Bulldog Committed to Georgia

Here at the Alumni Association, the Chapters program extends beyond Athens, beyond Georgia, and engages alumni around the world - including London. In 2017 the Alumni Association restructured the Chapters program. Since these changes were…
Alumni Engagement
by Meredith Gurley Johnson

How Does Alumni Relations Measure Engagement?

You know the parable about the starfish on the beach, right? To summarize, an elderly man walks on a deserted beach. He comes upon a boy surrounded by thousands of starfish. The young boy picks up the starfish one by one and throws them back…
UGA Alumni Events
by Meredith Gurley Johnson

Everything You Should Know about Planning an Alumni Event

An amazing event can create amazing engagement opportunities, corral a willing audience to hear your pitch, energize your cause. Events are incredibly time consuming. They are deceptively difficult to pull-off, and they can negatively impact…
UGA Alumni
by Meredith Gurley Johnson

Who Do I Follow?

With just about 20 Alumni Relations staff, and over 318,000 living alumni, the alum to staff ratio is about 15,900 alumni to each staff member in the Office of Alumni Relations.  This of course, does not count all of the great work managed…