by Leslie West

Personalizing BEE Emails Using Informal Salutations

Get the most out of your BEE merge tags by choosing to use either a constituent’s formal or informal salutation in your email greeting. A merge tag is a field you can incorporate into your BEE email template to populate specific information…
by Cindy Bond

Sending Regrets through Event Registration Pages

A new customization has been added to GAIL that allows for event invitees to “send regrets.” This new addition is available upon request when creating your event registration page. These declines will appear within your GAIL event module…
by Leslie West

2018 GAIL Enhancement Highlights

New year, new GAIL! As we count down to 2019, we’d like to reflect back on 2018 and all the awesome enhancements and customizations that have been added to GAIL this year.
by Leslie West

Simplified Plan and Opportunity Creation in GAIL

There is a new “Add Proposal” form that combines multiple Plan and Opportunity setup actions into one seamless process.  The interactive “Add Proposal” form guides users through only the required data points depending on the plan stage…