UGA student representatives are utilizing texting at the Engagement Center
by Jill Bateman

Texting opportunities with the Engagement Center

Learn more about how UGA Engagement Center student representatives are utilizing texting to reach alumni.
Traffic Jam Photo by Iwona Castiello d'Antonio on Unsplash
by David Jones

Solicitation Traffic Control

Savvy UGA communicators can rely on the GAIL Planning Calendar to manage the channels and messages reaching our alumni and friends.
Storybrand - Don't be the hero
by Tyler Daniels

Don't be a Hero: The Key to Good Storytelling

Storytelling can be an incredibly powerful tool for any type of persuasion, but there’s a common mistake we often make that can limit our power to persuade.
Giving Week trailer
by Evan Tighe

Giving Week

On the eve of G-Day 2019, Head Football Coach Kirby Smart called on the Bulldog Nation to show our UGA pride and support our great university. And so the inaugural UGA Giving Week began. Counting all donations from April 19-27, Giving Week was…
Giving Week illustration
by Katy Clements

40(+) Hours in the War Room

If you wandered by the small conference room (henceforth dubbed “the war room”) the week of April 20, you probably saw me and Ally Hellenga huddled around our computers, frantically refreshing a Georgia Funder page on the TV screen ... {insert…
Is Crowd Funding the Right Fit?
by Laura Ashley Lester

Is Crowdfunding The Best Solution?

The University of Georgia launched GeorgiaFunder, our first crowdfunding site, in the 2013-2014 academic year. The money raised through GeorgiaFunder has created new scholarships, helped students learn outside of the classroom, and allowed faculty…
UGA Matching Gift Program
by Chatise Smith

Maximizing Giving, One Match at a Time

Opportunity is knocking. Matching gifts are the ultimate opportunity to maximize the impact of an annual gift—and at no extra cost to the donor! Matching gifts can make a huge difference in revenue, but many donors and even some nonprofit…
Recurring Giving
by Evan Tighe

The Power of the Recurring Gift

It’s no secret by now. Recurring giving is on the rise in the world of philanthropy. And that’s true for UGA as well. Just take a look at the past few years of recurring gift dollars at UGA: FY 2016: $189,701 FY 2017: $305,444 …
Phone Campaign
by Evan Tighe

Spring Phonathon: A New Strategy

A few weeks ago, dozens of enthusiastic UGA students began calling alumni to encourage their support for our university. The UGA calling program is generally divided into two parts: calling for unrestricted support (Fall), and calling for…