Texting 101: Message Tips

Texting 101, Chapter 3: Message Tips
by Jill Bateman

Texting can be a powerful way to engage University of Georgia constituencies. Increase effectiveness by considering these tips when composing text messages.

  1. Consider … “Is this valuable information for the audience?”
  2. Verify the content is accurate and appropriate.
  3. Align language with UGA content guidelines and DAR Communications oversight.
  4. Introduce the sender as an authorized UGA representative sending the message.
  5. Be personal, concise and relevant. Avoid robotic language.
  6. Establish a casual but professional tone and end with a question to prompt a response.
  7. Ensure the message relates directly to the individual’s affinity with UGA.
  8. State the action the recipient needs to take or how the information impacts the individual.
  9. Identify a contact or website for additional information.
  10. Plan for the message to be sent with adequate time for the action or activity.


Hi, (First Name), it’s Destiny from the UGA Mentor Program. There is a UGA student who wants to see themself reflected in their mentor. Are you ready to become a UGA Mentor and inspire the next generation? (Please reply Yes or No)

IF YES: Fantastic! Visit mentor.uga.edu to learn more and get started. It may surprise you how much you get from giving back this way.

IF NO: Okay. But if you’d like to learn more, visit mentor.uga.edu. While you’re there, check out the testimonials to see how students benefit from having a mentor in their corner.


Contact UGA’s Engagement Center via phone at 706.542.8528.

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