Amanda Qubty
by Lindsay Tuck Morris

February '24 DAR Star: Amanda Qubty

Meet this month's DAR star Amanda Qubty, an associate creative director who loves wedge salads and silly pranks.
Hands typing on a laptop that says "Newsletters!" on the screen
by Haley Arner

Newsletter Tips

Newsletters. We all subscribe to them. They share recipes. And book recommendations. Places you should travel. Workplace tips. And here in DAR, we send newsletters that inform our audiences of alumni and campus news, unit announcements and happenings,…
Image detailing dos and don'ts of design for the UGA brand.
by Brenna Sumner

Why is branding so important?

Branding is important because it represents the identity of your business or organization. Fun fact: every designer looks at a brand’s guidelines and can see different opportunities for creative exploration within parameters of the brand.…
Overwhelming text treatment of the word Monday
by Amy Gunby

Overcoming Burnout

Does every day feel like Monday? This is burnout.   Start saying “no.” Set firm boundaries with yourself and others. Accept that you can’t do everything. Be okay with pushing loose deadlines, canceling social plans, and asking…
Development Toolkit Feb. '23 update
by Clarke Schwabe

Check out the newest Development Toolkit update!

Our latest Development Toolkit update has arrived! Here’s what you’ll find: A link to the 2023 State of the University videos and PDF booklet can be found in the Assets section The Stories subsection for each Priority section has…
Collage of Designer Illustrations
by Amanda Qubty

Design Feedback, Explained by Robots

Amanda: How do I explain that graphic designers do not like prescriptive edits? ChatGPT: Graphic designers value creative freedom and the ability to express their artistic vision. Prescriptive edits, which dictate specific design choices…
Asana Forms 101
by Ashley Crain

You Get a Form & You Get a Form

As most of you are aware, the DAR Communications team works diligently to make the journey from project pre-planning all the way through project debrief as seamless as possible. From encouraging more collaboration amongst units to asking…
by Lily Fleenor

January '23 DAR Star: Emily Ann Munnell

We work with absolutely incredible people—and we all have varied interests and experiences, which adds to the unique makeup of the University of Georgia. We’ll be regularly spotlighting a few rock stars from around the division so that even…
Editing Text Photo
by Zach Armstrong

The Proof is in the Proofing

Neglecting to proof your work before you send it along to the next step in the process is like not taste-testing your soup before serving it to grandma. If it’s too salty, grandma won’t care about how nice the house looks or the beautiful…
Yes No Maybe Chart
by Allie White

Email Headers: Good, bad, in between?

A well-designed email header can be eye-grabbing and capture your audience’s attention – it can also make your email longer and push valuable content further down the page. We all receive an influx of emails throughout the week. Think…