by Clarke Schwabe

3 calendars in one? A new, easier way to submit events is coming

Soon, you will be able submit events in one place using one method, and they can show up on the DAR, Alumni or Master Calendars!
Image of woman at laptop
by Kalah Mingo

Tips to Up Your Email Design Game

You open them every day. The digital communication we all know and love (for the most part)—email. Email is a mainstay in today’s digital marketing and communications. The average office worker receives 121 emails daily. That means any email…
frustrated man at laptop
by Loran Posey

3 Focus Tips for Those With (or Without) ADHD

Last fall, I learned I have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. It took some time to process. I was relieved to have an answer that explained some of my struggles, but I also felt that something was “wrong” with me. Eventually,…
Screenshot of Development Toolkit 2021
by Clarke Schwabe

UGA Development Toolkit: Spring 2021 Update

The Development Toolkit has received its annual spring update, and this is a big one! Let's break down what's been added.
Photo of woman at laptop computer
by Zach Armstrong

Why You Should Use LinkedIn Learning

Remember that Professional Development time you’ve been putting off because work is just so busy? Open up your calendar and block off an hour to dive into LinkedIn Learning! This service is free to UGA employees, and we have a truly staggering…
by Leah Hansen

Getting Moody with Mood Boards

Mood boards are typically collages made up of images, materials, colors, and maybe even text.  When these design elements are put together, the resulting board serves as a representation of the look and feel the designer will aim for in the…
Building Interests for Message Targeting
by Buck Sharp

Building Interests for Message Targeting

The goal of interest-based marketing efforts is to provide the audience with more relevant and tailored communications and programming. Knowing what interests your audience informs the content, activities and fundraising opportunities you choose…
Sicem ipsum graphic
by Amanda Qubty

Sicem Ipsum: UGA-inspired Lorem Ipsum

"Athenis est optimus locus in terris." - some guy in ancient Greece, probably. Lorem ipsum go dawgs filler copy but make it classic city. Hot rod semper canum never bark alone. Lorem ipsum, also referred to as lipsum, is the filler text…
Image highlighting email icon
by Kalah Mingo

Best Email Marketing Practices for Virtual Events

With the saturation of virtual events, it’s now more important than ever to strategize our email marketing efforts to effectively engage our alumni and spread the word of online event offerings. But how do we do that? Here are some tips to…
Uga, UGA's bulldog mascot
by Tyler Daniels

Bulldogs Believe in Tomorrow

As we happily say “good-bye” to 2020, we welcome a new direction for development-related messaging and visual style. While our commitment to remove barriers and open doors, enhance the learning environment and solve grand challenges will…