Development Toolkit
by Clarke Schwabe

The May '22 update to the Development Toolkit is here!

A table of contents, restructured Priorities section and overhauled Document Library headline the May '22 Development Toolkit update.
Woman with hands on head looking down at her laptop and phone on the table
by Gabby Brickner

3 Remedies for Workplace Anxiety

Believe it or not, simply writing this blog induces feelings of anxiety within me. I was never really the writing type growing up. In fact, I can vividly remember the essay assignments that caused many restless and panicked nights throughout…
SWAG text treatment
by Jessica DeAngelis

S.W.A.G., Stuff We All Get

If Michael Scott didn’t make it clear enough, swag means branded promotional items that you give to your target audience. It’s no secret that everyone loves free stuff—and that certainly includes University of Georgia donors, alumni…
Proofing Text Image
by Emily Ann Munnell

Avoid Common Grammar Errors

Even the most brilliant minds will sometimes make silly errors when writing. These mistakes can undermine the credibility of all their communications. Business Insider ranked the top 10 grammar mistakes people make.  Extra spaces In the article,…
by May Hitchings

Seize Every Opportunity: The SEO Blog

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic from search engines. Google’s algorithms are largely what determine SEO best practices, as they receive close to 90% of all searches…
hand typing on a laptop keyboard
by Ashley Crain

From Blah to Blog

At some point in our careers, we’ve all faced the dreaded, but unavoidable, writer’s block. Whether it’s drafting an email, creating copy for a direct mail piece or, in my case, writing my first DAR blog, there comes a time within the…
Painting Football Endzone
by Tyler Daniels

Defining the Win for DAR

As we anticipate the season’s first kickoff in Sanford Stadium, Athens is humming with preparation. An important part of this work includes painting Dooley Field with the familiar Super G as well as the yard lines, hash marks and end zones.…
I'll GIF It My Best Shot
by Edwin Hammond

I'll GIF It My Best Shot

Nothing quite brings me as much joy as finding the perfect GIF (pronounced with a hard G, not like a brand of peanut butter). Countless moments from movies and tv shows have been turned into legendary GIFs that are always available should you…
Follow UGA Alumni TikTok
by Buck Sharp

TikTok – A new way to reach Bulldogs

If you use social media on a regular basis, you’ve probably noticed video content from TikTok showing up in your timeline or feed on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. It’s likely the videos are humorous in nature and involve transitions,…
Close up of multiple people's hands at a design table
by Jessica DeAngelis

How to Provide Design Direction

So, you’re kicking off a new project and want to help your designer get onboard with your vision. The discussion during the marketing kickoff meeting along with direction written up in the project plan will help guide our creative decisions,…