Check out the newest Development Toolkit update!

Development Toolkit Feb. '23 update
by Clarke Schwabe

Our latest Development Toolkit update has arrived! Here’s what you’ll find:

  • A link to the 2023 State of the University videos and PDF booklet can be found in the Assets section
  • The Stories subsection for each Priority section has been updated with new stories that speak to UGA’s work, private giving’s impact, and/or the need for support in each Priority area.
  • Every Priority section that cites data has been updated with the latest available data.
  • All of our templates—Simplified, Document and Event Invitation—have been updated with the registered UGA mark (replacing the outdated “TM” marks)
  • Style narratives for each of our Giving Societies have been added to the Priorities section
  • The one-pagers used in Constituent Programs’ Bark Together meetings can now be found via a link in the Assets section. This section will be updated as new one-pagers are produced.
  • Much streamlining and reorganization has been done throughout the Toolkit to make it easier to navigate the page and, hopefully, less overwhelming an experience

As always, we are interested in any documents you’ve completed using Toolkit assets so that we might share them with the division via our Document Library. Any documents you’d like to share, you can send directly to me at ude.agu@ebawhcscc.

DARCOMM is finalizing new marketing language to guide development work moving forward—some of you may have heard bits and pieces about the “For Georgia, For Generations” language already. Expect to hear much more about this in the next several weeks. New narratives and assets will be developed and incorporated into the Development Toolkit as they become available.

And of course, if you have any questions about the Toolkit, please feel free to reach out to me at ude.agu@ebawhcscc.