Why You Should Use LinkedIn Learning

Photo of woman at laptop computer
by Zach Armstrong

Remember that Professional Development time you’ve been putting off because work is just so busy?

Open up your calendar and block off an hour to dive into LinkedIn Learning! This service is free to UGA employees, and we have a truly staggering number of courses available to us. It’s perfect for rounding out skills for which you’ve had on-the-job training only, keeping yourself current with a task you’ve done for years, or simply expanding your horizons.

Three courses relevant to all of us

15 Secrets Successful People Know about Time Management

No matter how skilled you are at your job, time management is a part of it and how well you do it correlates to how much you can get done.

Writing Email

Everyone writes email, and when you write better emails, you’re performing at a higher level. Why not improve at it?

Leading Productive Meetings

When a meeting truly can’t be an email (keep an eye out for when they can), it’s important to run them well. It’s a subtle art, but this course can help you get the most out of them.

The above are just a few examples – there are thousands more (for free) in the service’s expansive catalogue. Dive in today and pick one to watch this week!