Internal and Affiliated Uses

Effective Date: 01/01/2004
Last Updated: 03/14/2016
Policy Owner: Stewart, Chip

Licensing Policies and Procedures for Campus Departments and Student Organizations

It is not the intent of the University for the school/college/unit/organization to incur additional costs to comply with UGA trademark policies.  Because some stocks of trademark bearing supplies (i.e., stationery, signs, other durable goods, etc.) may bear outdated trademarks, it is not necessary to discard those products.  However, it is mandatory that when the inventory is depleted, new materials include a compliant mark.

Please take a moment to review your current marks to determine if they adhere to the policy. If not, please forward a copy of your mark to with any questions.

With regard to the use of UGA marks by internal, administrative units of the University, flexibility in meeting certain requirements of this policy may be applied. This flexibility will require the review of the University's Trademark Management Committee.

Use of a UGA mark with an organization name implies association with the University. Therefore, only official campus departments and those student organizations that are officially recognized by the UGA Division of Student Affairs are allowed to use UGA trademarks in conjunction with their organization's name.

Any product bearing UGA trademarks or a specific departmental logo must be purchased from licensed manufacturers. Using an officially licensed company to manufacture a product ensures that the company has provided the correct product liability insurance and signed UGA's labor code of conduct agreement. UGA has more than 500 licensees nationwide and numerous in-state and locally licensed companies.  Lists of licensees by product category are updated monthly and may be downloaded from University of Georgia Division of Development and Alumni Relations web site.

Campus departments and recognized student organizations may use the UGA name and trademarks on product designs and on event promotional items in conjunction with UGA marks. If a school, college, campus organization, or recreational sports/club wishes to use University of Georgia academic or athletic marks, the policies below provide information and mandatory guidelines for such use:

1.  The Athletic Association does not permit use of its Primary or Secondary Athletic Marks (marks 001-007 on the university's digital art sheet) or Primary or Secondary Athletic wordmarks (font specific only - marks 008-022) for club/recreational sports use.

2. Registered Club/recreational sports groups may use Additional Athletic Marks (023-024 and 026 on the university's digital art sheet) and verbiage marks, “University of Georgia”, “Georgia”, “Bulldog(s)”, “Dawg(s)”, “UGA”, etc. upon approval; however, the following guidelines must be observed:

• The recreational sport/club must be officially registered with the University of Georgia Center for Student Organizations.

• The recreational sport/club must incorporate “Club” or “Rec Sports” in the proposed logo design when using trademarked logos and/or verbiage “Georgia”, “Bulldog(s)”, “Dawgs”, “UGA”, etc.

• The recreational sport/club may not use any marks or verbiage on uniforms and apparel if a sponsor is listed in any way.

3. The school, college, campus organization, or recreational sports/club must submit all designs for approval, using a UGA Logo approval form, which may be downloaded from, and sent to 

4. If the design includes an athletic mark, the it will be submitted to the UGA Athletic Association for review.  

5. The Athletic Association may provide approval, disapproval or instructions with regard to modification of marks to assure compliance with UGA Trademark Guidelines. 

6. Once a design has been approved, the school, college, campus organization, or recreational sports/club must use a licensed vendor to produce any merchandise.  The Office of Financial Services can provide a list of licensed vendors/manufacturers or they may be downloaded from

7. If it is the intention of the school, college, campus organization, or recreational sports/club to use merchandise for promotional purposes, giveaways, or for the sole use of people within their unit or organization, the Office of Financial Services will provide the group with a letter to the licensed vendor/manufacturer allowing the merchandise to be produced “royalty free.”

8. If it is the intention of the school, college, campus organization, or recreational sports/club to sell merchandise as a revenue- generating project, the merchandise must be produced by a UGA licensee, which shall pay all associated royalties and follow all designated licensing procedures.

In determining exemptions from royalty payment, consideration is given to the mission of the licensing program and the many constituents it serves. Given these criteria UGA is not required to pay royalties to itself for purchases of services or products that are a necessity for faculty and staff to perform their jobs (i.e. equipment, services, uniforms, educational tools). However, UGA attempts to avoid unfair competition with other retailers and service providers and therefore, does not exempt itself from paying royalties to itself on the purchases of goods that are to be resold to members or to the general public, regardless of the purpose of the sale.

Affiliated Organizations

Affiliated Organizations are subject to the same duties and obligations in regard to use of UGA trademarks and logos as noted above. The Affiliated Organizations include:

  1. The University of Georgia Foundation
  2. The Alumni Association
  3. The Athletic Association
  4. The University of Georgia Research Foundation
  5. The University of Georgia Real Estate Foundation