January ’24 DAR Star: Alysse Capitanelli

Alysse Capitanelli
by Lindsay Tuck Morris

We work with absolutely incredible people—and we all have varied interests and experiences, which adds to the unique makeup of the University of Georgia. We’ll be regularly spotlighting a few rock stars from around the division so that even if you don’t cross paths with them in the break room or Zoom with them on a weekly basis, you can get to know colleagues who can enhance your work life and productivity.

Without further ado, please enjoy our Q&A with Alysse Capitanelli …

Name: Alysse Capitanelli

Title: Interim Senior Regional Director, Regional Programs

  • I work with alumni and parents in the New York City Metro Area to raise money for campus priorities. I also lead a team of four remotely based regional team members located in key markets for UGA.
  • What might people not know about your job? I am incredibly grateful to colleagues in Athens who support thorough frontline fundraising—gift accounting, fund agreements, research and prospect management, administrative assistants, advancement IT, DARCOMM, special events, and everyone at the UGA Foundation. There is no such thing as too much stewardship. The more stories, updates, statistics we have, the more money we can raise.

Where can we find you?

Time in DAR: 4 years

Work project you’ve been most proud of participating in: Helping The Sunshine Fund come to life to provide our hardworking students access to mental health care and wellness support at UGA.

No. 1 tip for someone just joining DAR: Meet everyone as quickly as you can. Our colleagues are lifelines and lots of fun.

Favorite podcasts: We Can Do Hard Things, Kelly Corrigan Wonders, Fresh Air, On Being, For the Love.

Lately I’ve been watching: PBS and BBC.

My dream vacation (cost and time aside) is to visit: Israel.

We hope you learned something new about Alysse. We are lucky to have her on our DAR team! Feel free to reach out to her if you have questions about regional programs, or if you need a podcast recommendation.