Paws for a Cause

by Abby Bryant

On October 21Team Stewardship partnered with the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia for our firstever Stewie Day of Service.  This day is a part of Paws for a Causea new initiative started by Team Stewardship that centers on spreading acts of kindness and service throughout our community. 

During our time at the food bank, we worked to fill more than 250 bags with food for one of their mobile pantries.  These pantries benefit people in need in the Athens-Clarke County area, most of whom are senior citizens. As we worked, Billthe food bank’s volunteer coordinator, shared with us the positive impact these bags have in the community.  He told us how these bags will provide meals for many people and made our experience personal by reminding us that there is a face that belongs to every bag.  This motivated us to complete our task and reminded us that what we do has a big purpose. 

Often, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the mundane.  We have a stressful day, something doesn’t go our way, or we get easily overwhelmed, and we forget how blessed we are.  It’s good to take time away from our routine, step back, and put everything into perspective, and as a result walk away with gratitude for all we have. 

Team Stewardship looks forward to many more opportunities to spread kindness and serve around our community, and we are grateful for the chance to leave our “paw print” on the Athens community.  Our next Paws for a Cause project will take place at November’s Team Stewardship meeting where we will collect boxes of mac and cheese to donate to the UGA Food Pantry.  Additional information will be shared directly with members of Team Stewardship prior to our meeting.  If you are not a part of Team Stewardship but would like to participate in this or any future Paws for a Cause project, please reach out to Abby Bryant at ude.agu@tnayrb.ybba.