I’ll GIF It My Best Shot

I'll GIF It My Best Shot
by Edwin Hammond

Nothing quite brings me as much joy as finding the perfect GIF (pronounced with a hard G, not like a brand of peanut butter). Countless moments from movies and tv shows have been turned into legendary GIFs that are always available should you need to insert them into a digital conversation. Believe me, I pride myself on my GIF usage. I love GIFs. They can be more than just memes, though.

GIFs, it turns out, are quite versatile. You can use one to spice up a webpage that might otherwise be decidedly less exciting (https://alumni.uga.edu/football). Or how about adding visual interest with a GIF as an email header instead of a plain old still image?

But how do you make a GIF? I’m glad you asked. You may think it’s complicated, but it sure is e-z, thanks to the fine folks at ezgif.com. With just a couple of clicks, you can create your own GIF masterpiece using a few still images (using the GIF Maker option) or, if you have a short video clip, you can go the Video to GIF route (my personal favorite).

Now, get on out there and unleash your GIF masterpieces to the world! And always remember, it’s pronounced GIF not JIF. The more you know…