The Unique Opportunity Parent Donors Present

Jeff, Elizabeth Grace and Allison Mitchell at Herty Fountain
by Kate Lovin

Here at the University of Georgia, we usually only have non-alumni parents as a captive, engaged audience for four years (five or six if their Bulldog takes a victory lap or two). To help grow and strengthen their affinity for UGA, our team encourages parents to think about philanthropy as an opportunity to give back to an area on campus that is meaningful or impactful to their child. In essence, parents can leave a legacy for their children through giving.

Parents may establish legacy gifts in the student’s school or college, or another area on campus that has been influential to them during their UGA experience. Endowed legacy gifts are simply major gifts–they last in perpetuity and can be paid over five years. Areas for support by legacy gifts include:

  • Need-based scholarships.
  • Undergraduate student emergency funds.
  • Experiential learning opportunities.
  • Study abroad scholarships.
  • The Sunshine Fund, which provides financial support for student well-being needs.
  • And more!

Legacy giving also provides parents with a unique opportunity to involve their students in conversations on philanthropy. In doing so, parents are teaching their children about the importance of giving back and setting them up to be philanthropic at UGA in the future. Parents may only be closely engaged at UGA for four years, but our students are alumni forever! Involving them in conversations on giving when they are students–as appropriate–strengthens our future alumni giving.

Please consider parents in your portfolio who may be interested in establishing a legacy gift in honor of their student’s UGA experience. Remember, legacy gifts are simply major gifts established in any area important to the student. This is a great initiative to share with parents of any student, regardless of class year.

If you’d like to read more about legacy giving, please enjoy this story highlighting Jeff and Allison Mitchell (Blacksburg, VA), and their daughter, Elizabeth Grace (AB ’21). In addition to serving on the Parents Leadership Council, the Mitchells generously established a legacy gift in the Grady College.

Please contact the Parent Giving team if you’d like to learn more.