Why you should nominate your colleagues for a Sic’Em Award

SIC 'Em Awards
by Andrea Parris

Servant Leadership, Innovation, Commitment…

How do we embody these values?

This is an important question we have been asking our DAR directors, colleagues and leaders over the past 18 months.

We launched our Sic ‘Em Awards and Recognition program in January of this year to give colleagues a formal way to recognize each other for going above and beyond in embodying the values of Servant Leadership, Innovation and Commitment.

Here are a few examples: an employee who develops an innovative process that improves productivity, demonstrates exceptional collaboration on a special project, or provides extraordinary service on a committee.

Congratulations again to our inaugural Sic ‘Em award winners Jason Burdette, Gift Accounting; Rob Carrico, Regional Program; Marcus Jennings, IT; and Brittany Rider, CFR who were recognized at our Division Meeting in February.

Another group of winners will be announced at the Division meeting on November 13.

Why does it matter?

According to Gallup, employees want to receive recognition every day. One of the main reasons people leave their jobs is because they don’t feel valued and appreciated. For many employees, feedback from their peers is even more meaningful than from their managers. Genuine appreciation expressed between coworkers demonstrates the positive impact people are making in the workplace. This program gives employees a chance to share feedback, praise and appreciation for each other. The ultimate goal is to have a positive culture where all of our employees are having a great experience.

What is the nomination process?

Nominations opened  September 6 and will remain open through October 1. An email was sent to the Division with a link to the survey, and the nomination form is also be available on the DAR website. The selection process will be handled by the Special Meetings and Training Team who represent units throughout DAR. Approximately three award recipients will be recognized. (Sic ‘Em awards recipients must wait two years before being eligible for re-nomination.) Additional information may be found here.

What is the award?

The award is a silver Bulldog with its very own collar and tag commemorating this honor. Winners also receive a certificate. Everyone who is nominated receives a recognition letter from Kelly Kerner and Jay Stroman.

In addition, we created “Stick ‘Em with a Sic ‘Em” notes so we can recognize each other and say thank you for a job well done throughout the year. These are available in the Talent Management suite.

Please contact any member of the Special Meetings and Training Team if you have any questions about the awards process.

Cindy Bond, Advancement Services
Whitney Prescott, Career Center
Catherine Henry, Terry College of Business
David Ornelas, Prospect Management
Brandon Scott, UGAF
Shearron Hamlin, Donor Relations
Olivia Browning, Alumni Relations
Matt Pruitt, CFR
Wendy Johnson, Special Events
Adam Roell, Regional Program
Alex Perry, School of Law
Kimberly Whitten, Student Affairs
Danielle Bezila, Darcomm
Ryan Kelly, Research
Ex-officio: Maggie McAllister, VP’s Office; Talent Management Team
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