Board Game
by Zach Armstrong

The Division of Development and Alumni Relations gains much from our university’s long history, one part of which is memorable phrases baked into our shared tradition like White Lily flour. One of these phrases, “Sic ‘em Dawgs,” has wonderfully morphed into a catchy way to remember key elements of creating a flourishing workplace together and drives us toward getting every Bulldog committed to Georgia.

Servant Leadership // Innovation // Commitment // Embody the Values

You may have noticed that nerds are cool now, even at UGA! In that spirit we’ve begun a Board Game Lunch that takes place about three times per month, where you can relax with an easy-to-learn game with your coworkers across our large Division.

“But what does Board Game Lunch have to do with Sic ‘Em, Zach? Isn’t this just a shameless plug so you can indulge your hobby?”

I can certainly answer that first question!

Servant Leadership

Servant leadership happens at every level of an organization, and that starts with knowing the people you work with. Playing a simple board game with co-workers builds trust and familiarity, making the work a more enjoyable place to be and increasing your knowledge of work going on around the division. Demonstrate servant leadership at Board Game Lunch by being courteous and friendly to everyone in attendance.


When playing a game at Board Game Lunch, you’re committed to thinking creatively with your teammates and innovating together. This will get the creativity flowing and may just help you find the solution to that challenge waiting for you back at your desk! Check out this piece from Slate on what makes the game we play at Board Game Lunch, Codenames, a great game that asks its players for innovation.


Codenames is played in teams, a concept we’re all familiar with here at UGA. When we play games for fun, we still commit to many things: to fair play, for all involved; to giving it our best shot, for our teammates; and to having an enjoyable time, for ourselves and our coworkers. Athletics hasn’t returned my emails regarding getting a hype video made for our Codenames teams, but I’m sure they’re just busy.

Embody the Values

The last part of “Sic ‘em” is a “call to action” for us to proactively look at ourselves and grow as servant leaders, innovators, and committed members of the UGA community. When we step out of our normal routine (into something like, for example, Board Game Lunch), we have a chance to remind ourselves of what we’re striving towards in a new environment, with fresh eyes. While we have this chance every day, we invite you to embody these values while having some fun at Board Game Lunch!

Anyone and everyone is invited to Board Game Lunch. Codenames is an easy-to-learn group game, similar to Taboo (but much more fun). No experience necessary; we can teach you the game when you arrive. Eating during the game isn’t a problem, so bring your lunch.

Learn to play here: Codenames – How to Play

Read the rules PDF: Codenames – Rules

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