Two people at table, one asking a question and one responding
by Kathryn Kay

Behavioral Based Interviewing:

“Tell us about a time when...” If you have ever participated in the DAR hiring process, chances are you have asked a candidate to “tell me about a time when…”. Have you ever wondered why? This is an example of behavioral based interviewing,…
Abstract depiction of web accessibility
by May Hitchings

The Accessibiliblog: Ensuring Web Accessibility

So, there I was, in the middle of my daily 4-hour commute, fruitlessly attempting to shield my laptop from the glare of the harsh florescent lighting, struggling to decipher auto-generated captions on an instructional video about basic web accessibility…
Set up for a planning session
by Elizabeth Elmore

Kickin’ It (Off): DARCOMM-Style

Twice a year, DARCOMM spends a significant amount of time planning for the next six months of marketing and communications needs across the division. At the conclusion of that planning period, a series of project lists are finalized that outline…
Between the Pages Mailer
by Sarah Sonenberg

The Between the Pages Engagement Story

Our Between the Pages events have been successful (check out the stats below for yourself!) and we’re going to steward registrants with a special direct mail piece this summer. Read on to learn why and how the Alumni team and DARCOMM partnered…
Image of Book with Between the Pages mark
by Sarah Sonenberg

The Delia Effect

When you have the opportunity to host a big-name guest speaker, be sure to stop at the outset of your event planning to determine your goals. At the end of the event, be sure to measure your success to determine if anything should change in…
Image of woman at laptop
by Kalah Mingo

Tips to Up Your Email Design Game

You open them every day. The digital communication we all know and love (for the most part)—email. Email is a mainstay in today’s digital marketing and communications. The average office worker receives 121 emails daily. That means any email…
by Elizabeth Elmore

Office Tips as Teleworking Decreases

Here are a few DARCOMM recommendations to consider ahead of your transition back to an in-office schedule.
frustrated man at laptop
by Loran Posey

3 Focus Tips for Those With (or Without) ADHD

Last fall, I learned I have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. It took some time to process. I was relieved to have an answer that explained some of my struggles, but I also felt that something was “wrong” with me. Eventually,…
cafeteria line
by Patrick Knowles

Tips on Identifying Planned Giving Prospects

People assume that when identifying the ideal planned giving prospect, they are describing an older generation that attends the early bird restaurant specials and the local bingo hour. Yes, planned giving prospects tend to be an older population,…
Photo of woman at laptop computer
by Zach Armstrong

Why You Should Use LinkedIn Learning

Remember that Professional Development time you’ve been putting off because work is just so busy? Open up your calendar and block off an hour to dive into LinkedIn Learning! This service is free to UGA employees, and we have a truly staggering…