Spring Phonathon: A New Strategy

Phone Campaign
by Evan Tighe

A few weeks ago, dozens of enthusiastic UGA students began calling alumni to encourage their support for our university.

The UGA calling program is generally divided into two parts: calling for unrestricted support (Fall), and calling for individual schools and colleges (Spring).

This spring – in addition to calling for schools and colleges – we are implementing a new strategy which is designed to streamline the donor experience and respect our graduates’ time. Households which are represented by more than one school/college affiliation are being encouraged to support any and all areas with which they are affiliated. The intended result is that these graduates will not receive multiple phone calls over the course of the Spring asking to support different areas.

For questions on how the UGA phone center operates, please contact Laura Ashley Lester (ude.agu@retselal, 706-542-8180).