Solicitation Traffic Control

Traffic Jam Photo by Iwona Castiello d'Antonio on Unsplash
by David Jones

Standstill traffic. Brake light brigade. Inching forward. Aggressive drivers creating their own paths and cutting into exit lanes. Accidents ahead. Hours to move a few miles.

That’s any day in an Atlanta commute. And sometimes, the amount of communication streaming from UGA can also feel quite like a traffic jam—particularly around calendar and fiscal year ends. “My mailer is important! We need this email out immediately! We’d like the support of everyone, so send this to everyone … now!”

Savvy commuters might rely on a navigation app to advise about hazards, delays, and potential detours around roadway congestion. And savvy UGA communicators can rely on a similar tool to manage the channels and messages reaching our alumni and friends: the GAIL Planning Calendar.GAIL Planning Calendar-December 2019

Thinking of sending a quick newsletter, update, or gift solicitation by mail or email? Check the Planning Calendar first.

  • What else is going out during this same time frame?
  • Does your audience overlap significantly with another?
  • Have you focused on marketing efforts alone and overlooked event-related correspondences?
  • Is your expected drop date still accurate?

Use the GAIL Planning Calendar to navigate communication traffic and ensure your messages to alumni and friends get noticed. It’s the first link in the Marketing & Communications tab – and you can add it to your GAIL homepage and/or shortcuts for easier access!

GAIL Planning Calendar Navigation

*Featured photo by Iwona Castiello d’Antonio on Unsplash

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