Agriculture Fundraising Inspiration
by Elizabeth Elmore

Ag Inspiration from Iowa State and Tennessee

Laura Wilkerson in CAES invited me to help judge the National Agricultural Alumni and Development Association (NAADA) Publications and Projects competition this spring. A few submissions left me inspired and I thought I would share with others…
by Jessica DeAngeles

Making Content More Visual

On average, over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every single day. I'm no mathematician, but I can confidently say that’s A LOT of data. So how do you stand out among the 2.5 quintillions? An easy place to start would be making your…
Orientation Leaders
by Elizabeth Elmore

DAR Orientation Outreach

Each summer, thousands of students and their parents descend on Athens to participate in UGA’s New Student Orientation. And when we say “summer,” we mean all summer: Click to enlarge The students have applied to UGA, accepted admission,…
by Ally Hellenga

(Digitally) Welcoming 6,900+ Alumni to the Family

On Friday, May 10, I geared up with the essentials: (1) a fully-charged smartphone, (2) battery packs for re-charging my device throughout the day and (3) an all-black ensemble to blend in with the crowd. Where was I headed? To commencement,…
Staff Meeting Rut
by Katie DeGenova

Overcoming the Staff Meeting Rut

Have you ever sat in a weekly staff meeting, listening to a colleague read their to-do list, wondering what you should fix for dinner? Or, worse, have you ever LED a staff meeting and witnessed someone falling asleep? I have. A few months…
There Will be Bleed header image
by Amanda Qubty

There Will Be Bleed (and other design terms you should know)

Sorry to disappoint everyone; this isn’t a true crime scenario. Sometimes, it can seem like designers speak their own language, and this post will break it down for you: PRINTING Bleed – In the print design world, bleed is printing that…
Proposal Toolkit Illustration
by Clarke Schwabe

Four things you can make with the Proposal Toolkit (that aren’t proposals)

The Proposal Toolkit is a powerful resource for fundraisers looking to create a polished, on-brand document to support their ask… but have you considered making flyers with the Toolkit? That’s no joke—the Proposal Toolkit was designed…
Public Administration and Policy Professor Amanda Abraham teaches a class.
by Laura Bayne

TAP: How UGA Employees Can Get More Education for Free and Why They Should

In 37 days I will walk across the stage in Stegeman and graduate with a Master of Public Administration without having to take out student loans or having spent (much) of my own money. Did you know the University System of Georgia allows employees…
by Katie DeGenova

The UGA Brand and Why it Matters

A “brand” is not just a logo, tagline or image. It’s all of those things–and more. We talk about brands a lot, but why do they matter? And how is UGA building and maintaining its brand? Why do brands matter? Brands make products or…
by Clarke Schwabe

Conquering the Blank Page: Proposal Writing Tips

So, you’re writing a proposal—you’ve had multiple meetings with the prospect, you’ve established a rapport, you know what they’re interested in, and they know what UGA can do to help their gift make a significant impact. Great! Now,…